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Cleaning Oriental Rugs -Without Damage

Cleaning Oriental Rugs -Without Damage
An oriental rugcan add a special touch of class, warmth and charm to any living space. Just like Persian, antique, fine wool or other delicate types of rugs, an oriental rug needs to be maintained with special care.
It is not made with the same types of materials as other regular carpets. Oriental rugs are usually hand woven with a different blend of natural fibers such as silk, cotton, rayon and wool.
Unfortunately, this can be problematic if there are children or pets in your home. It could also become an issue if you are prone to having innocent accidents such as coffee, wine or nail polish spills. This can lead to permanent stains.
Chances are you paid a lot of money for your oriental rug, or it was passed down as an heirloom. As a result, it should be treasured and taken care of so that it is not damaged, and it can retain its value.
Cleaning Basics
Your number one goal is to ensure that your oriental rug is never filled with dust, dirt or any type of debris that can cause damage. This is why frequent cleaning is necessary.
– Carpet Care
Make sure that you acknowledge that oriental rugs are delicate because of their fiber colors, textures and natural oils. Using improper cleaning methods could greatly damage your precious heirloom.
– Vacuum Your Rug
Vacuuming your oriental rug on a regular basis is the only way that it will remain in good condition and retain its value. Hand woven rugs need constant vacuuming.
– IF no Dry Cleaning Service is Available, Clean it With Cold Water
NEVER use steam on a hand woven rug. IF no dry cleaning service is available in your area, clean it by using cold water and a mild detergent. When using the cold water method, the detergent must be removed, then lay the rug flat and make sure that it dries thoroughly. Never use harsh cleaning products or any type of chemicals on your rug. This may mess up the natural fibers and oils of your oriental rug, and this will decrease its value.
– Clean Stains Fast and Rotate
You should maintain your rug on a weekly basis by vacuuming it and keeping it free of debris. When accidents do occur such as a pet accident or wine spill, try to get the dirt or debris off quickly as possible. Our dry cleaning compound is perfect for these types of incidents to ensure stains do not set in. If you have no means of using a dry cleaning spot remover, then cold water can be used.
If cold water is not working, then add a mild detergent. This should help to lift the mess so that it does not settle deeper into the rug and damage the delicate fibers.
In addition to regular cleaning, your rug should be rotated frequently to even out the possible wear and tear that it is subjected to.

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Professional Cleaning
Get your oriental rug professionally cleaned at least once a year. But depending on your lifestyle and the amount of traffic that the rug gets, you might have to take it to a professional cleaner more than once a year. Your oriental carpet should be taken care of by a professional, because it is made from natural fibers and not synthetic ones.
When looking for a professional cleaner for your oriental rug, consider DRY CLEANING. I would highly recommend using a company that would dry clean your rugs. This would be the best option, in my opinion. No hassle with water. No chance of mold or mildew to occur. It’s clean, non-toxic biodegradable cleaner is good for the environment. This safe method of cleaning can be done in your home without losing any time away from your rugs.
If no dry cleaners are available in your area, then consider taking it back to the dealer that sold it to you. Chances are that this dealer has rug cleaning services, and he is qualified to professionally clean your rug.
If not, look for a qualified dealer that is certified and reputable. Also, make sure that this dealer has the right type of dusting, washing and drying equipment to use on your oriental rug.
In Conclusion
With proper care, an oriental rug is a hand woven beauty that will last a lifetime. Oriental rugs are durable and gorgeous. They become more valuable the longer that you properly maintain them.
They are woven with materials that are knotted in a manner that makes them more resilient than the average rug that is made with synthetic fibers. However, if you fail to take care of them, they will not last a long time.
This is why you must understand how delicate your oriental rug is and how it needs frequent cleaning so that you can enjoy it for years to come.