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4 Stains That Should Be Removed by Carpet Cleaning Professionals

4 Carpet Stains You Should Never Clean on Your Own
For most homeowners, keeping the carpet clean is an ongoing battle. While minor stains can often be removed quickly and easily with little more than a gentle detergent, others need professional attention. Before you try to handle your own carpet cleaning, make sure the stain is one you can remove. Here are a few of the most difficult-to-remove stains that need to be handled by a professional.
4 Stains That Should Be Removed by Carpet Cleaning Professionals
1. Coffee
When it’s early in the morning, you’re not always aware of how much that mug of coffee is sloshing about. Unfortunately, that delicious morning beverage is one of the most difficult stains to remove, and when done improperly, it leaves an ugly yellow residue on your carpet. A professional will be able to get rid of the entire stain, eliminating the underlying yellow tint and leaving your carpet looking as good as new.
2. Blood
Cuts and scrapes happen, especially with children in the home. When blood gets on your carpet, it quickly turns into an ugly brown stain. No amount of scrubbing will lift it. You’ll need to call a specialist to remove the residue properly and restore your carpet’s fibers to their original color.
3. Spaghetti Sauce
Tomato also stains quickly and permanently unless you hire an experienced carpet cleaning company to clean the rug. While bleach may remove the stain on your white linens and t-shirts, it can do long-term damage to your rug. Even some commercially available cleaners can spread the tomato stain rather than cleaning it up. Avoid making the problem worse and call your stain removal team immediately.
4. Wine
Wine stains are a homeowner’s worst nightmare. With DIY carpet cleaning efforts, the stain is often driven further into the fibers, making the carpet look dirtier than it was before you started. If you notice a wine spill, either after the fact or as it happens, call a professional to have them remove the stain.
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